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    So, I want to use my 700p as a modem for my laptop, and I've installed the Sprint Mobile Broadband with the correct drivers for the 700p.

    However, when I plug in my treo using the data cable, the software doesn't recognize that it's plugged in.

    I run a diagnostic on the Palm Modem driver, and the computer does however recognize it.

    What am I doing wrong here?
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    hmmmm now that i am not sure of, unless you have to upgrade your data plan so sprint knows you are using it as a modem ...

    however - to do it for free, i would suggest PDAnet .. Ive used it 2 years now with my 700P - works great everytime -
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    ...then this will be entirely free, except for buying the software, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousAA View Post
    ...then this will be entirely free, except for buying the software, right?
    That's right. The software itself has a free trial too for a few days. If you decide to buy, it's only $34 for life. That saves you tons of money over the $50/month brandband access plan.
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    ... is different than the 'using your phone as modem' charge and you can do without the latter to use pdanet software, and still only pay for your unlimited data as well as the one-time $34 software price, right?
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    Would only have the Vision Pack from Sprint be enough or would I still need the unlimited PAM package?
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    You don't need the unlimited PAM package to use PDAnet.

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    Absolutely - us PDANET for this. Its a 1 time charge only.
    Works great.
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