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    Can anybody tell me which mapping softwares are the better ones for a GPS, particularly European maps?

    I currently have the Marcosoft program that came with the Magellan. Is there a better one out there?

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    TomTom makes software called Route Europe ($49). It's kind of expensive, but you can do city to city directions (left here, right there....) and they have more detailed maps for the cities themselves in a product called CityMaps. You can find them at

    I've heard they interface well with the GPS Companion from others here. And I'm going through Germany, Austria, and Italy beginning on 8/9 - for 2 1/2 weeks - to test them out. I can write a mini-review when I get back. Or, if I can find a ISP Telco # for Europe and be able to connect to the web, I might be able to do an update via my Visorphone/Blazer.

    If anybody else knows of any other decent European GPS software, please let me know and I'll give it a try (unless it's cost prohibitive, or course).
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    I recently received a GPS Companion for my VDx and was wondering the same thing about third-party software for my Visor, but mainly for the US. I already have a Magellan ColorTrak as a standalone GPS which basically performs the same functions as the Nav Companion software which came with the GPS Companion. So, I bought the GPS companion for the flexibility of software upgrades as well as the promise of moving map displays. The Map Companion software that came with the GPS companion has great street level detail (reminds me of Mapopolis) but also has some glaring deficiencies. For example, you cannot plan routes or name waypoints and there is no display for your basic GPS info on the map like speed, distance, and ETE to your destination. Magellan does provide some weblinks for different software, but reviews and details are hard to come by and I don't want to shell out the cash to discover it's not what I want. Here's some features I'm interested in having:

    1. The ability to plan or at least display a route on the map
    2. Decent street level detail for major towns
    3. Prominent geography features like rivers and lakes
    4. A simple GPS information display on top or bottom of the map
    5. The ability to name waypoints on the maps
    6. Seamless scrolling between adjacent maps
    7. An extensive map database
    8. Relevant points of interest

    Of the software I have researched, TomTom's Route USA and GPS Pilot's Atlas showed the most promise as each have some, but not all of these features. I've also seen a lot about Delorme's Solus software. I realize I may be asking too much from a PDA with only 8 Mb of memory. Can anyone provide some insight into any of this software or other options that can perform some or most of these features. Any replies are greatly appreciated.


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