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    I've got a Garmin nuvi 660 and a Palm Centro, and I'm having trouble making them play nicely together. The initial pairing goes beautifully. But when I get in the car and turn on the nuvi, there's about a 50/50 chance that my Centro will freeze when the two start talking to each other - I'll get the phone icon on the nuvi, indicating that they're connected, but the Centro will be frozen (usually at the Keyguard screen, but if it was already on it will just freeze where it is.

    I got the Centro because my Treo 650 was doing something similar with the nuvi. In the Treo's case, I'd generally get a sequence of connect, Treo reboots, connect, Treo reboots and comes up in phone off mode, turn on phone, get good connection. My wife had similar problems, and when she replaced her Treo with a Centro, they went away, so I did the same.

    Now she's having no trouble, and I'm having thie frequent freeze. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

    On a hunch, I deleted the nuvi from the Centro's Trusted Devices list and deleted the Centro from the nuvi's list. For good measure, I also changed the names of both. The hope here was that maybe there was some bad juju hanging around in the preexisting connection, so my nuking it I'd clear up the problem. But it didn't work.

    What I've found to consistently work (so far) is to delete the nuvi from the Centro's list *every time* I disconnect the two (i.e. when I get out of my car). Then, when I get back in, the nuvi sees the Centro and the Centro asks if I want to allow the connection. I tell it OK, and things seem to be smooth.

    But that's not a good solution, just a good workaround.
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    Have you checked for updates for the Nuvi reciever? That might help if there is a newer software version.

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