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    Does anyone have the Palm OS version of Pocket Quicken working with either Quicken 2008 or Quicken 2009?

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    I am not going to answer your question directly, as I have Quicken 2007 on my laptop. I have tried Pocket Quicken POS latest release and during play time found it erratic as whatever when it came to syncing - sometimes it did well, other times it bit and once in a while I got double entries. I stopped playing the syncing game. Some have no problems with it, I did.
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    no problem here..I am running 2008 quicken on laptop/desktop and no problems with syncing...with centro...
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    We have Quicken Delux 2008 on our desktop and Pocket Quicken on my wife's Centro and my 755 and it all works fine.

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    I have a slightly older version of Quicken, but it syncs just fine. I have never had a problem with either Palm OS or Windows Mobile and Pocket Quicken.
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