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    So i purchased softicks audio gateway today and was messing with getting it to work with my cars' bluetooth... long story short, i ended up soft reseting my device into a reset loop...

    So, I pulled the battery and pressed up on the 5-way, put the battery back in to get back into the phone and then did ##377 and it says:

    A crash occurred on 9/9/08 @ 9:24pm while running "Bluetooth": FatalException

    Ummm... am I basically screwed?
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    nope .. as long as you can get in by pressing the 5-way - once you are in, go delete SAG ...and temp installs -

    that should stop your reset loop

    edit: just curious, did the bluetooth headset work before you installed SAG?
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    that didnt work (removing SAG) unfortunately... had to delete my exchange account from versamail via palm dekstop, then resync to grab everything... then hard reset... then resynch using the synch i backed up before this mess happened... it appears the phone is OK at this point but you never know with this stuff

    thanks for the reply

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