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    Is anyone here finding FineType a little confusing? I mean, it's great, except that I don't understand the "Display As"...

    I converted a few fonts (Comic Sans, Trebuchet, etc...) using the converter, and HotSynched them to the Visor... When I choose the font under "Font Type", it's not listed, but under "Display As" it is there...

    Does this mean that it will display as Trebuchet on my Visor, but not on my desktop?

    How do I ensure that both the Visor and the Desktop will display using the same fonts?

    Also, does anyone find the fonts a little "green"?!

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    well - imho it's like an only color printer printing black - and that's what it is..

    the font you display as is not the font the document was made in.

    To ensure the same - i really don't know. If you have times new roman instaleld on your visor as a FT font, than it will display as TNR, and be in the document as TNR. I don't know how it makes it's font lists....
    -Michael Ducker
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    Create a document on your PC in Word that uses the fonts that you want to show up in WordSmith.

    When you sync the doc onto the PDA and load it into WordSmith, the font will then show up in the list. The only way to add fonts to font type is to use them in a Word document. I wish you could edit the list directly (hint hint). I have been hacking the databases to figure this out, but am not entirely happy yet.

    It is very possible that the fonts could appear a little green. The way that WordSmith is making the fonts look like they are at a higher resolution is by a technique that is called sub-pixel antialiasing. What this means is that to increase the apparent resolution, they are turning on parts of adjacent pixels. On a color flat panel, each square pixel is made up of three vertical bars. One each of red, green and blue. Since only some of these elements are turned on, on adjacent pixels, you can see a bit of color bleed through. If they are quite often turning on two elements of these pixels, it would be either red and green or blue and green. In either case, green is going to be used more often than either of the other two colors.

    I have noticed greenish text on the Microsoft Reader for the PPC. Probably the same effect since it uses the same type of resolution enhancement.
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    Now if I created a document in WordSmith using Comic Sans as the font, would it show up on the desktop with that font, as well?

    What I'm trying to understand is whether the FineType technology is more for reading or for writing...

    As with the greenish look, thanks for the information, I had a feeling it was because of that... It's much clearer if the resolution is set to high!

    Nonetheless, it's a great improvement! Great product!

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    'Font' is what will be transferred to the PC. 'Show As'is a font substitution mechanism in case you don't have that typeface on the PDA. This is why you need to create a document on the PC that uses the font so that it will show up in the 'Font' area in WordSmith.

    BTW - I tried to create a doc with about ten new typefaces and WordSmith got a little confused. This was with the very first release of v 2.0. Still I have had better luck adding one font per document at a time.
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    Now, what if I wanted to create a document on my Visor using the "Comic Sans" font... When I select "Font" there is no Comic Sans, but in "Display As" there is.

    Does this mean that the document will display "Comic Sans" on my Visor, but will only display, on the desktop, as whatever "Font" I chose on the Visor?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Now you've got it. 'Font' is what is transferred to the PC. 'Display As' is just how it appears on your Visor. This way people don't have to have a ton of fonts on their PDAs taking up space.

    Also, if you are only using the dobument on your PDA, 'Display As' is all that matters.
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    Originally posted by bradhaak
    Now you've got it.

    Now, answer me this:

    If I wanted to create a document in WordSmith with say "Comic Sans" (it's just a font I have stuck in my head today! ), how would I also have it display as Comic Sans on the desktop? There isn't an option for Comic Sans in the "Font" drop-menu... Is it possible?

    Thanks again!

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    As I said previously, all that you need to do is create on document in Word on your PC. Format some text with Comic Sans and set the document to synch to your Visor. Run the FineType Converter program and create a Comic Sans font for your Visor. HotSynch to get the font and doc onto your Visor. Run WordSmith and load the document that has the Comic Sans text.

    Now if you go to the font dialog and look at the available Font list, Comic Sans will now be a choice. If you select the Comic Sans, you will see it is also selected in the Display As list. Now you can have the font used in docs on both the PC and the Visor and they will appear correctly in both placed.

    This is what I did and it works great.

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