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    Anyone else having trouble getting access to Palmgear in the last few days? Started off being unable to browse their recent software updates, and since yesterday have been unable to access their homepage at all. Keep getting what looks like some kind of SQL query for an Oracle system. Did they get hit by that worm?????
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    Whew, I thought it just me that was experiencing this problem
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    I have always had trouble with palmgear.

    Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

    I think they just have high traffic and
    have an underpowered server.

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    Same here. At first I thought it was the new Browser I was using Opera. Then I tried it with IE 6 and had the same problem. I thought that this new server and new site was supposed to fix the problems we where experiencing I think last year? Well it looks like they're back.

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    i was just about to post the same thread. i have been having problems the last week. the same problems ethos mentioned. everytime i have emailed the error to the site administrater and he emailed me back saying 'it is fixed, please try again' or 'i am sending the error to a higher priority' then it says 'sometimes just refreshing your browser will fix the problem' but the last 4 emails to them havent been returned.
    i go to their website everyday to see new and updated software so now im all off my tipical routine. and i have no experiance with tucows or handango, their websited are to confusing. i think that palmgear is the best palm software website if it didnt have so many problems.
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    I think they just need to dump oracle. Or maybe the oracle administrator. I gues they still haven't had the "you might need to test things out before you make changes" class.
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    I have noted the same from my home WIN 98 IE browser and work NT machine w/Netscape.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    This has been an ongoing problem with Palmgear since I started using the site 2 years ago. If you read usenet, you'll see a new thread just about everyday regarding how much PalmGear suks. I think that the site is just grossly underpowered and not load tested very well.
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    I just tried it and got there with no problems at all.
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    I've been having problems getting into Visor Central for the past two days but Palm Gear has been fine...... anyone else?????
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    I'm not able to get to PalmGear either. By the way, does anyone else experience screen freeze at It happens whether I access from the link on this site or directly from my favorite places?????
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    That is actually a Cold Fusion error. The code that is does display is kinda silly. There is even a logical mistake in it. Which makes me think they need some help programming CF.

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