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    Hello all,

    Sprint is giving me a 755 to replace my dying 700p. What is the best way to safely get my information (like contacts) and programs (PdaNet) onto my new 755? Is it as simple as installing the newer version of HotSync Manager and hotsyncing to the same username? If not...what is the proceedure? There was a pretty detailed writeup for 650 to 700, but I cant seem to find one for 700p to 755...

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    Yes, Dave. You can move your data. If all that you are interested in keeping are your contacts and calendar data, along with the PDANet, delete the other programs from your 700 and HotSync it BEFORE you start with the new 755. Then, install the new Palm Desktop software on your PC and run the 755 through the setup routine (screen alignment, etc). Then HotSync your 755, selecting your old profile when prompted on the computer. That's it.

    Good luck.
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    I would rename the backup folder and just sync the PIM data and then isntall PDANet as a new program and set it up. No need to carry over any unintended settings and baggage to install a single app.

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