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    The evdo is now very slow. It used to scream, but its as fast as the 650 now. Really odd. What's worst now is that the phone resets as frequently as the treo 650 did. My wife's centro does the same thing.

    We have very few third party apps installed too. All are stable and have been reported as such here on the forum.

    The first thing you see when waking the phones up in mornings is that an automatic update has failed. You try to hit ok and it suddenly crashes and resets.

    There is a noticeable lag now when scrolling through the main menu, and the cursor doesn't respond as well as it did. There is lag while navigating it through the blazer pages.

    This is really weird. The phones were fine for the most part until about a month ago. Is anyone else experiencing this? Wondering if this is a network issue.
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    have you tried the hard reset route? backup and do that. if it still lags, something's wrong. if the data connection is still slow, its the network. i am aware that sometimes there are days when Sprint fixes their network towers and that affects connections of course.

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