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    Treo Launcher
    xWeather (Requires Data Plan)
    Florida Tony
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    CallRec and Callblock
    Documents to Go
    Resco Explorer
    Palm Centro (VZW)
    W/ 1GB SDHC
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    NVBackup (free)
    Destaller (free)
    SkinUI (free)
    HandyShopper (free)
    BestBuy (free)

    Recently got CallRec and this is becoming a must too!
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    Chatteremail (Best Palm OS E-mail program, works in the background, supports IMAP IDLE as well as POP, IMAP, etc.)
    FileZ (Free File Management Utility)
    kMeteo (Free Weather Program)
    MiniTones or Music Tones (Free MP3 Ringtone maker)
    KeyGTime+ (Free Program, enhanced Keyguard with lots of info)
    SlingPlayer (Not free, need Sling Player @ home)
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    Four lists of five!!

    "Optional / Free" with phone:
    1. PocketTunes update
    2. Versamail
    3. Documents to Go update
    4. GoogleMaps update
    5. Suduko

    My Top 5
    1. Datebk6
    2. Resco Explorer
    3. Full version of Kinoma Player
    4. MobipocketReader
    5. MSdict (and dictionaries)

    And the second-string is:
    1. Resco Backup (now that I have 15 programs, I'm concerned!)
    2. Mundu IM
    3. Softick Audio Gateway (bluetooth stereo audio)
    4. Snappermail
    5. Butler

    Cool Stuff
    1. Desk Accesorizer
    2. Power Hero
    3. McFling
    4. Fontsmoother
    5. Twinkle (a SuperMemo work-alike)

    Yeesh, I can't even do it in 20!!! I want to list more. Like TomTom, and HeadsetControl, MMplayer, CorePlayer, RescoNews, tons of Desk Accessories................
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    first you REALLY need only 2 apps:

    1- a back up. It could be NVbackup or Resco Backup
    2- an unistaller. It could be Northglide's Unistaller or Destaller

    after that you can try everything suggested in this thread
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    My top apps are:
    0. My top all in one application is Pocket Express by Handmark. Free on AT&T now!!
    1. PDA Net
    2. Treo Launcher
    3. Sudoku
    4. Scrabble
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    1) Pocket Express
    2) Pocket Express Mobile Concierge
    3) Scrabble
    4) MSDict
    5) Resco Backup
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    1) Pocket Express
    2) Scrabble
    3) Resco BackUp
    4) MobipocketReader
    5) Sharklinks
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    In no special order;

    1) NVbackup
    2) Lightspeed
    3) USBModem
    4) SoftReset
    5) RDM+

    1) Sling
    2) Kinoma
    3) SAG
    4) BigClock (now called 9.95 Clock)
    5) Pocket Express

    1) CallRec
    2) TCPMP
    3) Card Reader
    4) PdaReach
    5) BluePill

    I guess I need 15 apps
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    Astraware's solitaire is important to me, especially if, in this hypothetical situation, I am stuck on a desert island. Also like Pocket Express for good depth and breadth of content (of course, on the desert island, I would need both a charger and att coverage--but this is hypothetical, right?)
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    I see you like BibleReader. How cool is that? I am an authorized reseller of sorts for that company, and you are right That program is a must have.
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    I just downloaded Nexave and I have to admit that its a better alternative to default keylock that Palm gives you
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    I like the way Nexave looks and it's great for a free app. However I like the information displayed on KeyguardExt better (although not free).
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    My Top 5 gotta have apps are:

    Resco Explorer/Photo Viewer
    Smartlist to Go
    Z Launcher

    I managed to get "To Do Now" to work with my Centro as Well as PDA Performance's "Contacts5 Photo edition" but both of these apps are not from a supported vendor any more. I skinned the Contacts 5 to personalize it and just can't do without it!

    But for the most part the Centro is a pretty darn smart device straight out of the box! Its mostly about personalizing it to suit your own needs - which is easy to do with the endless apps available!

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Oops forgot one. TreoLauncher. The default launcher is quite limited.

    Best launcher imo due to extremely lightweight + customizable icons. Zlauncher has more features out of the box though (and of course is drastically heavier).
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    My top programs.

    1. ChatterEmail
    2. BackupMan
    3. 2Day
    4. PTunes
    5. MobileDB
    6. AudioGateway
    7. Documents To Go

    Well at least that is close to a top 5.
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    As a fan of Resco Products I'm the owner of Resco Suite (that means 6 Resco apps: Explorer, Viewer, Backup, Neeews, IDGuard & Sudoku...wasn't a day I didn't use one) recommend to everyone..
    The list would also include Chatter, TCM & Blazer.
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