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    I decided to buy an InnoPocket FlashPlus CF reader instead of a MemPlug CF reader because of the VFS support I read was being developed for it. I was impressed by Dave Kessler's articles on VisorCentral and elsewhere about what one could do with Kopsis' VFSHelper, and I decided that was the way to go for expanding my old Visor Deluxe, and I ordered my FlashPlus a month ago.

    However, not being a courageous man, I figured I'd wait for the beta stage was over for VFSHelper was over before I added it to my VDX. I'm afraid after 10 years with MS Windows applications, I'm a bit gun-shy. However, Dave has stated that VFSHelper will be free to FlashPlus owners (and, I think, Matchbook users -- I'm not sure.)

    Well, the FlashPlus arrived from InnoPocket (finally!), so I decided to go over to the FlashAdapter forum and see how they were coming with the beta.

    Ye Gods! VFSHelper is evolving like a house afire! Dave's planning on releasing the 4th beta next week, and apparently they've got almost every VFS app working with it (with the exception of MSMount, I think), and now they're at the optimization stage, getting it to work faster.

    I haven't read the release notes for the betas yet, but here's a few of the highlights from the forum:
    • Works with Launcher III (in fact, I believe the beta ships with Launcher III)
    • Works with Mapopolis
    • PowerRun works (though it still isn't working for VDXs -- but that's a PowerRun issue, not VFS. Sounds as if there's a good chance it will be worked out soon.)
    • Many reports of it working fine with AfterBurner (one or two problem reports)
    • Blue Nomad says WordSmith will have VFS capability (read WordSmith docs on CF cards) very soon, maybe 2.1. Apparently it was FineType or VFS for 2.0, and FineType won (mekes sense to me).

    Frankly, reading all the enthusiasm and excitement from those beta testers in the forum has got me pumped up. I'm going to get Beta 4 next week and jump on this gravy train!

    I didn't think things were going to be ready this fast. Really, very impressive work from Dave Kessler and all the beta testers. My hat's off to all involved!
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    Oh, yeah, VFSHelper Beta works fine with BackupBuddyVFS, too.
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."

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