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    Back in June 2008 I bought a Sprint Centro along with a Palm OEM Ear Bud Wired Headset. Shortly after purchase, I got intermittent complaints from people I would speak to on my Centro when I used the Headset. They said I sounded like "Darth Vader" and was almost unintelligible. Other times when I spoke to these same people via my same Centro/Headset and to their same phone, they told me I sounded fine. My "Darth Vader" voice would also sometimes phase in and out within the same phone call. This problem happened both before and after I installed the Sprint ROM Update. I also tried a different Headset and still had the same insidious problem. When I did not use the Headset, there appeared to be no sound problem with my outgoing voice to the other party. A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the latest version of "VolumeCare" which allows you to adjust the microphone input volume on your Centro/Treo. I set the dial to the halfway mark and to "Automatic". I disabled all other features since the microphone input was my only issue. This has appeared to fix my problem. I can only conclude that there is a variable sensitivity issue with the software/hardware that controls the Headset microphone input volume which makes it "float" and the VolumeCare app makes it "fixed". I wonder if this has anything to do with why Palm does not include the ear bud Headset in-box with the Centro as they did with all prior Treos. Anyway, I'm posting this here so that if anyone else encounters this problem, they can possibly benefit from the quick fix. I'm also curious if it's just me and my Centro.

    And yes, I still use/love the wired Headset ear bud. Bluetooth headsets are not for me given size/battery/charge/sound/geek factors. And I like to LOOK at my Centro while I speak so that I can view/input data (calendar, memos, etc.) simultaneously to talking on the phone, hence I don't like to hold the Centro up to my face.

    Best wishes all.
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    I've tried abt 1/2 dozen less expensive wired HS and gave up.IMHO oem and cheaper headets have less sound quality due to cheap parts. I use Shure's e series earphones; if i tried their wireheadset i would expect same high sound quality trans'ing and receiving.
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    Thanks for your post, Gekko. I also use the Palm corded headset, and the people I routinely call definitely started complaining about the sound quality when I upgraded to my Centro from the 700p. I have VolumeCare installed, so I'll give your recommendation a try.
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    Let me add that previous to my Centro, I had a Verizon Treo 650 and also a Sprint 700p, and I used the Palm OEM Headset Ear Bud with both and I never got any complaints from callers.
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    [Centro] Poor Call Quality

    Centro picks up TOO much!

    Verizon Centro Horrible Call Quality

    Centro mic quality very poor? Change mic volume?
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    I own volumecare, and I never was able to get satisfactory use of my wired headset's microphone, despite playing with the settings all over the place.

    I finally went bluetooth and now it isn't a problem.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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