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    755p + SAG + Jabra 8010

    I have managed to hear stereo music, as well as voice calls. But not when I want them to work, and intermittently at best.

    Is there a trick I am not seeing on forums? I've done all forms of pairing, de-pairing, used multiple versions of SAG, I can't seem to find a solid working scenario where I can me listening to music, and actually answer a call and hear it.

    I have plenty of situations where it appears I should be hearing a phone call, seeing this icon on the phone, but don't ever hear the voice call.

    The phone feature is the least likely to work in any mode, I can't seem to figure this out.

    I would really love to be listening to music (even 1 mono channel) and answer an incoming phone call. California has laws banning handheld use, and I would like to find a bluetooth solution for music+answer call + back to music while driving. Please post your solutions (if any) with the Treo 755p.

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    I use the same setup on my 755 no probs.

    Well I have to use SAG version 1.20 instead of the latest release because that would not work at all.

    I have no problems streamin and or answering calls.

    I usually turn on bluetooth on my Treo first followed by the 8010 and after that no issues really. I even use the toggle da for sag along with the Accessorized SAG da to turn it on and off

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