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    I got the phone and used it for a while. As soon as I hooked it up with my PC is went to hotsync and I can not get it out. Just one do anything. It says the connection can not be established and I should check my settings but it wont let me out to check those settings. Any advice would be great.
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    i would do a hard reset.

    I did get my treo 680 to hotsycn with vista 64 bit!
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    Mine seems to be stuck in a loop as well. It's not wanted to sync for a while (though usually reinstalling the Plam Desktop software works for a couple syncs, but that was in XP) and now that I've installed Vista (not sure it's related) and tried installing the software and syncing, the phone's gone into an endless loop where it tries to sync - even though the cable's detached - fails, and sometimes crashes/reboots the phone. I tried both soft and hard resets, and all I've done is lost my data.

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