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    Has anyone found a descent way to convert PDF's to Palm format. I've tried Adobes PDF converter and quite frankly I don't want to create what amounts to a 2 meg file to convert a 47 page booklet. I've also tried the service they provide where you email them the link to the PDF and it sends back a converted text file - I might as well as retype it manually as it doesn't come back resembling anything readable.

    If anyone has found a way to port a PDF to halfway decent looking txt file or a way to reduce the size of what Adobes converter does to a file I'd appreciate any input.


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    I use and like the PDF to Go plugin for Documents to Go.
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    Aportis has a PDF converter that works pretty well too. It sits on your desktop, you just drag the file and it converts it to text (I think a PDB file). You lose the formatting and any graphics, but it really works pretty well otherwise.

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