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    i bought a freedom key GPS that's supposed to work with google maps and treo 700p. I got it to find the device but I can't find where in google maps I'm supposed to tell it I have a GPS. There's nothing in any settings or whatever to turn it on.

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    The native Google Maps can only tell you your location via cell triangulation (or by the nearest cell tower) and do not use GPS. I don't know if that's supported on the 700p anyway.

    To work with your GPS, you need this app,,1172.html. It will give you your exact location then allow you to pull it up within Google Maps. Google Maps does not support motion, so it's not mapping like TomTom or Garmin.
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    Is there a mapping program I can use that will support motion?

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    with the freedom key GPS you can use tomtom ... or a program like that, on your 700p -

    i know the google maps thing works with a centro ..i've considered upgrading myself just for that feature!
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    Oh. I have a centro too, didn't even try it with that phone. Will give that a whirl and maybe get the tom tom for the 700p
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    I'm a Treo 700p newb and am wondering if it will do GPS and if so what's required?

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