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    It seems like when I set the alarm on the calendar and I have sound off, it only vibrates once for the alarm.

    On my 685 it would keep vibrating for a while until I hit snooze or off.

    I went into the sound settings, alarm, and I did set repeat and such but there is still no difference.
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    I use this free/donationware program which may provide what you're looking for:
    The author's personal home site is

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    Mine does this, too. Set to beep 3x or whatever, but it only does once. My 650 worked correctly. Must be a bug. I hates it bc I use my Treo as my alarm clock...
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    What I found is a donationware app called Watchmaker, that works as a replacement for the alarm that I had been setting in the Palm Calendar.

    I installed WatchMaker on my Sprint 755P and used it this morning for the first time as my alarm clock. It worked perfectly. I use the "Alarm Triangle" as my alarm sound and missed the way the alarm worked on my 650. Namely, when the alarm sounded, you would hear the 2 alarm tones repeated 3 times in rapid succession.

    Well, you can configure Watchmaker to repeat 1,2,4 or more times (tap the alarm you want to set, and then tap the "Misc" tab) and if you use "ASAP" as the repeat frequency ("with lap of"), it works just like the Palm Calendar app worked on the 650, my old alarm clock. I set it to repeat 4 times and used the same "Alarm Triangle" as I had been using on my 650 & it went off right on time & repeated 4 times.

    The only difference is WatchMaker goes off at the time you set, it doesn't have a "go off 5 minutes before the alarm" feature.

    But hey, it's free unless you donate, small footprint, very easy two-screen configuration and it works.

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