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    Just added a Bluetooth USB dongle to Toshiba laptop. Want to use it to install/remove aps from Treo 700P.

    I have followed Treo set up instructions, then over to PC instructions where using the Bluetooth software I get virtual com ports set up. I can see com port 5 and 6 in the HotSync setup selection on the local tab but trying to do a hotsync never works.

    I'm sure I'm missing something simple - but need your help! Thanks.
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    I've been trying to get hotsync going with bluetooth also. I'm using a Centro and had a bit of luck, but it disappeared. Did you get the com port set up ok? My pc bluetooth USB dongle (D-Link) had some com ports set up by default. I was able to get a connection between the pc and the pda, but no sync. I then enabled the network sync in the HotSync Manager on the pc and zap! the HotSync happened. Today, not sync. Don't know why it stopped working, but since no one has responded to this yet, I thought we could share ideas.
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    Are you using the Bluetooth stack from Microsoft or the one that came with your adapter. I would strongly suggest the one from the adapter.

    Also keep the com port at a high enough number that it cannot get confused with a possible other port.
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    Obvious question idea here but to the OP... have you paired the dongle with your Treo?
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    I installed from the CD that came with the BT dongle (D-Link DBT-120), I have to assume that it installed it's own stack. In the Device Manager there are several BT Ports, labeled Com 10... and so on, the device driver is Toshiba. I created a virtual com port 31 and listed this in the HotSync Manager. There is the option to create two types of com ports, one for a server and one for a client and have tried both. I had the server port work once yesterday when I enabled network sync in the HotSync Manager.

    I have paired the PC and the PDA. When I start the HotSync the a brief message on the PDA about connecting to the Bluetooth serial port and then the HotSync screen displays "Connecting with the desktop using PCNAME" This is where it fails. After a couple of minutes there is an error message stating that it couldn't connect and to check the PC's configuration.
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    I occasionally have that happen on mine. I discovered that I can rightclick on the bluetooth icon and "Stop the Bluetooth Device" and then "Start the Bluetooth Device". This will allow it to go through.
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    Well, I'll be darn! I don't have a start and stop, but I exited and restarted Bluetooth and all is well.


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