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    I had a voice plan and a data plan with Verizon. I don't have a need for e-mail, texting or internet anymore and had my data portion of my plan removed yesterday. I was told that I have the option of still accessing the web and texting but I would be charged each time. Fine with me. I deleted the "Versamail" file from the 700p and somehow I still got an e-mail today, so I deleted the file named, "email" from the phone and when the next e-mail came in, my ohone got all screwed up (cycled between Palm window and Accessed window). Taking the battery out didn't work. A soft reset didn't work. I did a hard reset. So far, it's okay, but I haven't hotsynced yet. Time will tell if this will work.

    Isn't there a better way not to get e-mail on my Treo?
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    The best choice would have been to go into your email program and set it to not automatically download email.

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