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    Is there a navigation program available for the Treo 650? Either a GPS or cell tower traiangulating program? All my AT&T guy can show me is an add-on "plug" for the 650.

    I have a Garmin GPS system but travel so much, I'd rather not have to deal with keeping up with it. TIA.
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    Both TomTom and Garmin have GPS packages for the 650 but they require a Bluetooth GPS receiver.
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    The version of TT on the 650 I've got works with both BT and wired receivers.
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    TomTom 6 works pretty good for me.

    I am actually using TT6 software and stayed with TT5 maps.

    I activated TT6 maps on my x-new phone but that one failed. So I went back to my old phone which TT5 maps are still activated.

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