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    Question: my first smartphone to replace PDA and love it except having trouble finding good BT. Had Moto HS850 and loved it but not compatible with Centro. Any recommendation on over the ear BT? Had Plantronics Voyager 521 and it sucked as well as hurt my ears. Awaiting Moto H710 and hoping that will work out better.

    Confusion: read the threads and not sure if there's apps to fix the BT voice dial problem? Really miss being able to make call with voice dial via BT especially now required handsfree for CA.

    Carrier: Verizon
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    My experience: HS850 was ok, just not good staying power, no problems with it connecting. The H700 was just plain bad for me, normally not connecting with it and the same with my 800W. The H500 has been excellent and pairs/works with both my Centro, 700P and 800W.

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