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    I own a Treo700p with Palm OS using verizon wireless and windows xp.
    After installing TreoWink v 2.3, these password logon problems arose. They did not occur before:
    *when I enter the password on the treo, instead of the asterisks that used to display, now rectangles display
    *when receiving an incoming call, the phone stays locked and I cant see the screen that has the speakerphone and hang up buttons.
    *At times, I have to enter my password twice.
    *In Prefs-Security, I removed my assigned password on the Palm and I still have to enter my password to logon

    I deleted TreoWink from my palm, but all the problems listed above still continue.

    Is deleting TreoWink actually deleting all the files or are there some files that need to be deleted separately?
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    I'm the developer of TreoWink.

    Despite your conclusions, it is actually quiet possible that TreoWink has nothing to do with the password problem. Especially since you still have the problem after deleting it. TreoWink is only one file (TreoWink.PRC) and a couple of preferences and does not create any thing else for its operation. TreoWink is a simple utility that does not mess around with passwords and such.
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    Where can I find the latest copy of TreoWink?
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