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    Ok I have a centro, did the update, <----that was s wile ago, I bought Agendus for Palm Desktop, I am using Windoz XP, that was the tech stuff, now for the problem, when I make a change on the Centro and then try to sync it will not sync to the desk top, eithe Agendus, or the palm desk top unless I change the sync settings to Handheld overwrites desktop, it does this wether I have Agendus set as default or palm desktop.
    Also does any one know howe to do a save on Agendus with out shutting it down and then reopening it, if I make a change or add an appointment in agendus it will not sync unles I shut down the program, then sync.
    Thanks in advance
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    I tried Agendus for Palm Desktop because the new version of Palm Desktop has been greatly nobbled. No themes, no alarms on tasks etc. Seemed to work well for a while but noticed that the repeating function on tasks only worked from Agendus to Palm and not the other way. I have found Agendus products keep having annoying bugs. I gave up in the end and went to Outlook instead.

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