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    i updated the os to 1.07 and then when i synced it after install, like i normally do, instead of choosing the old palmuser89, i renamed it palmuser80 instead of 89. when it synced it didnt transfer anything over because the name is wrong. how can i change the phones name back to palmuser89? i still have all my palmuser89 info in my Palm Desktop.

    thankyou for helping

    i searched the forums more and found that i need to change the Hotsync User ID, how do i go about doing this?
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    well palm support just told me to do this. man that instant messaging system is slow as.... and i know its not my internet connection...

    Please follow the steps listed below to delete the User Name on the Treo:
    1. Press the ‘Home’ button.
    2. Tap ‘Memo’.
    3. Tap ‘New’.
    4. Press ‘S’ and then press the key ‘Alt'‘, a drop down window will show all the special characters, enter the last special character. (its that loop L like writing on the original palms -z50)
    5. Enter a period. ( . )
    6. Enter '5'. (To Enter '5' you need to Press the options key which will be at the left side without any label on it and then Press 'F')
    7. Once you Enter 5, the text that was entered earlier will get deleted.
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    Or go here download and install changename, follow instructions.

    Article ID: 24485

    Change or delete your device's User Name
    Changing the user name on your device and assigning a new one at the next HotSync operation may resolve certain HotSync difficulties. If you have two devices synchronizing to the same computer, they must have different user names.

    Changing your user name
    On your desktop computer, launch Palm Desktop (even if you synchronize with Outlook or another application).
    Select Edit Users from the drop-down list of user names.
    Select the name you want to edit and click the Rename button.
    The new name will be written to the handheld during the next synchronization.
    Note: You cannot delete the name by entering no characters for the new name. Instead, see below.

    Deleting your user name
    You have two "safe" options for deleting the user name. If one does not work, try the other.

    Option 1 (using third-party ChangeName utility):
    The third-party Palm OS application ChangeName, from Colin Mulliner, allows you to change your user name directly on your device. Read the instructions included with ChangeName for help using the product.
    Option 2 (deleting your user name manually, then choosing a new name):
    All Palm OS handhelds share the same hidden mechanism for deleting the user name.
    Open the Memo Pad application on your handheld.
    Tap New.
    Enter the ShortCut character.

    Note: For keyboard devices, type the letter s and then press the Alt key. Then select the shorcut symbol from the list of alternate characters.
    Enter a period '.'
    Enter the number 5.
    Whether you entered the shortcut character, period and 5 correctly or not, the characters you've entered will disappear and the memo pad will remain blank. To see if you succeeded:

    Open the Applications launcher.
    Launch the HotSync application.
    Your user name appears in the upper right corner of the screen: if it's blank, then your user name has been deleted. The next time you HotSync with this device, you will be asked to create a new user name.
    If you cannot delete the username in the fashion described above, a hard reset is the sure method.

    Note: The presence of a third party product in this article should not be construed as an endorsement of that product, nor should its absence be considered a denigration. Palm does not manufacturer any third-party products mentioned above, and cannot provide support for them. If you purchase a third-party product and require help with it, contact the manufacturer.

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