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    Howdy folks.

    I recently purchased a VZW Centro and am trying to get it to sync with my PowerBook.

    I've installed the Palm software, and enabled Palm OS syncing in iSync and checked the iSync Conduit.
    Still, no syncing.

    when attempting to sync via Bluetooth, the Centro says it can't open the port as its in use by some other application. I'm not sure if this is on the Palm side or the OSX side. Meanwhile, iSync pops us the "click HotSync button on your Palm" window and does nothing.
    I tried syncing using the USB cable, and it claimed to have done it, but calendars, contacts, etc did not change/update on either side.

    I'd prefer to not spring for the Missing Sync, but I suppose I'll do that if I can't get it to work otherwise.

    Yes, i did search, both here and Google, and I don't see any information that I haven't tried.

    I'm using OS X 10.5.4 on a PowerBook G4 1.5ghz

    Thanks in advance.
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    NOt that it helps but some of us are having sync problems with the Centro and Windoz.
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    I personally know of Apple engineers who use Palm/Treo/Centros and not iPhones. None of them have been able to get Palm desktop working in OSX10.5.X
    I know that Apple doesn't make up a huge percentage of the overall computer market, but I'd love to see a breakup of Apple vs PC smartphone users.

    IMHO palm would be very well served to either make their new palm device completely compatible with the iPhone sync services, or make their software compatible with the iPhone.

    There are going to be a huge number of people who will be sick of the iPhone by the time the Palm/Nova appears. Apple make great devices but they don't know **** about making great phones, whereas Palm have all of that Handspring heritage to draw on when it comes to the phone side of their devices.

    It was GREAT to hear that the new NOVA phone will still have a qwerty keyboard, albeit a new and totally unique implementation compared to the present ones. The iPhone keyboard sucks.

    Sorry for the slight hijack but you'd be best to buy missing sync!

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