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    Yesterday afternoon I pulled my centro out of my pocket and it was trying to establish a connection for HotSync. I would cancel and it would start the process all over. After cancelling the process about 30 times I was able to activate another function (phone). After a few minutes it started the HotSync process all over again. I tried a soft reset but it continued to try and HotSync until the battery was drained.

    When I connect the Centro to the HotSync cable the process stops. When I detached the sync cable it starts all over again.

    The phone has not gotten wet. Any ideas of what the problem might be?

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    The connection where the cable plugs in is damaged or shorted out, which is making the Centro think it's connected when it's not.
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    Its wet. Take out the battery and SD card, take off the battery cover and let it sit under your car's windshield for a few hours (assuming its warm)
    Helped me.
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    Also very carefully trying vacuuming out the connector on the bottom!

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