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    When I open Navigator on my 700p and go to Plus Services/Check For Updates, it says there is an update available, and to download/install it via TomTom HOME.

    So I downloaded both versions of TT HOME, but neither are able to recognize my Treo. It's like they were meant for those standalone GPS units specifically and not Palm products.

    Has anyone been able to do this?

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    I used TomTom Home to do my initial installation, not an update but should be the same. I downloaded the files to my SD card which was in a card reader, not my 700p.
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    I think the Plus Services is not smart enough to tell the difference between the palm and the windows version. I think it is the windows version that has an update. Either that or what you said- made for the stand-alone GPS units. I don't think TomTom pays much attention to the software-only versions of their software anymore.
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    Like dave75 says, TomTom Home only looks for instances of Navigator that are on removable media (e.g., SD cards). So if you can place your Navigator SD card into a card reader that's attached to the PC where you're running TomTom Home, TTH should see it. Alternatively, you can install onto your Treo an application (like CardExport) that makes the Treo's SD card look like an external device to your PC.
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    Even if TTH recognizes the software, it says there are no updates. I asked TomTom about this and they said the update was for the Windows version. No Palm update.


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