I am a relatively newbie and I am getting the following error message when I try to access the new Weight Watchers Mobile site on Opera Mini:


I was able to access the site via Opera Mini fine from about 8/22 until tonight using the following URLs: http://m.weightwatchers.com or http://mobile.weightwatchers.com and now both give me the same error. Since I am sort of new at this I tried soft reset, clearing cookies and clearing cache as sort of a self diagnostic not really knowing what I was doing.

I can access the site using Blazer but not all of the site features work in Blazer for some reason. Like the calculator feature. When I hit "Calculate" the value does not appear. It is like the scripting is messed up or something.

Any ideas on how I can resolve either in Opera Mini or Blazer? The WW police patrol (AKA CS) is not helpful (or intelligent IMO) and and will not offer any Palm user help unless they are running Windows Mobile 6.