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    I have 5 pop (yahoo, google, comcast) email accounts and have been using versamail. I deleted one of the pop email accounts and now I can not add any new accounts. whenever I click add new

    I get the error message: all accounts are in use. deleted accounts can be re-used after performing a hotsysnc. make sure the versamail conduit is turned on and not set to "do Nothing"

    I tried this but still unable to add accounts. anyone have any ideas?
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    just tried to add a gmail account to versamail. I've got 4 POP and 1 IMAP and all of a sudden i get the same message as you. hmmmm

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    What I found was that the Palm Desktop 6.2 did not support a Versamail conduit. I pulled out a laptop running XP and installed version 4 of Palm Desktop made certain that the conduit for versamail was set to synchronize and ran a hot sync.

    When the hot sync was complete I was back to functioning normally.

    Hope this helps.

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