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    Hello - a couple of years ago when I got my 700P, I checked around and found that for POP3 Email that Chattermail was arguably the best and that the free Palm versamail was unusable. Shortly after buying Chatter, the author went to work for Palm and dropped new development on Chatter though it is apparently still sold and bug fixes are supported. I am now on the Centro and still using Chatter and am wondering if having the Chatter author working at Palm has made Versamail better/usable. Is he even working on Versamail? I note that by default, Versamail is not on my VZW Centro. Is it supported at all? Is it free? Does it work for POP3? Is it any better than Chatter? What about Snappermail - how does it compare? Their site seems frozen in time as there is no mention of supporting the 755 or Centro. Chatter mostly works for me but if it's a dead product, they'll never fix any of the quirks I do see or some of the major issues some others experience.
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    I've been using it for a while but am trying to see if Chatter w/imap idle will work for me right now. You can get the personal or professional version of Versamail for free - go to the my centro program and it's available in the program downloads (among several other apps). It works fine, although I have some notification issues (with it not notifying, but there could be other reasons in my case). I still have it syncing my calendar/contacts since I use an exchange hosting company for email. That I wouldn't ever drop - keeps calendar/contacts on the server and I can never loose them
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    Latest version of VM works very well on my 755p. No issues yet with POP3.

    Take care ..................Greg

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