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    I am very interested to find out if GMM 5.x will work on the new Treo Pro on AT&T. Once some of you get this bad boy in your hand and hopefully get GMM loaded, let us know the results. There is a great review of this seemingly awesome device on WMExperts here.
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    Good luck getting an official answer on that question. Logically it would but with the missing soft keys on the Pro I would think that Good will need to slightly tweak the program.

    For what it is worth, my company finally got the upgrade to it's exchange servers (likely because of all the iphones out there) so that I can now use active sync on the native outlook app on my 750. Several pros and cons now though:

    No need to have GMM sucking up all my phones resources so memory is no longer an issue.

    Despite the many bugs with GMM I really think the email app is very well thought out, especially the shortcuts for replying to all, page down, etc. On pocket outlook I find myself pushing a lot more keys.

    In the long run my company will be migrating everyone away from Good as Exchange Active sync is free, so I figured I might as well get used to it now.
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    I got to see the device the other day and it is amazing for a palm device. Very solid feel and a clear bright screen. If this is where Palm is headed, things should be very interesting in the next year.

    Obviously, this is not official, but I was informed the day after the Treo Pro is launched, GMM will have support. (historically, I've seen that with big handset launches...)

    I think this makes it alot easier, as there is no carrier ROM involved and this will speed up development between GMM and the manufacturer.
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    I installed it with no issues on my demo Treo Pro. The softkeys are layed out different due to not configured correctly but the dedicated mail and calendar keys solve that issue. The only problem is notification key, other wise it works great.

    Version installed is v5.0.5.35

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