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    Hi all,

    I'm planning on purchasing a Centro tomorrow, and I'm really excited. This will be my first Smartphone. I'm upgrading from a Tungsten E, and an m105 before that. But - I'm not a huge Palm user. I use the calendar, address book and Pocket Quicken the most, plus the occasional game from time to time. I'm not sure I want to bother trying to keep all of the extra applications I've installed, in fact I've already started to delete some of the freeware and shareware I had. If I'm really only interested in maintaining those 3 things, would it make sense to start with a clean install and copy my datebook and address book from a back up? Do I need to follow the upgrade instructions on Palm's website (that someone posted here somewhere and I can't find right now) to maintain my calendar and address book? I can reinstall Pocket Quicken and hot sync to my Desktop Quicken if I have to. That's not a problem.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you have.
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    This is a great opportunity to gather together the latest releases of the applications you use. In addition, the PIM files should present no problem moving 'em over. My suggestion though is top copy your OLD Palm user folder to something like OLD USER name, copy the PIM files to the new folder, set the sync conduit temporarily to Desktop Overwrites Device and go from there. Then when it comes time to install your applications, consider doing it one at a time. Also, you should consider a good device based backup solution - NVBackup (free) and Resco Backup are the best. After that, take a look at - the Neat Freak pack is also an excellent investment.

    Your data files can be copied over also via sync.
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    I always did a clean install on any new palm. However I was lazy with the Centro and just synced in the upgrade. I have had no problems and have done it on two Centros.

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