My company decides to implement a new policy that my phone must be PIN protected if idle for more 5 minutes or less today. As a good corporate solider I comply with the new policy and set my security to be PIN protected based on the following instructions:

The following apply to the PIN policy:
Minimum Password length is 4 characters.
Characters can be all numeric, all letters, or a combination of number and letters.
Users will not be able to disable the PIN feature.
On device startup or after 5 minutes idle, the device will lock and require PIN entry. Inbound and outbound phone service will not require PIN entry.
PIN does not expire.
User can reduce idle time limit to lower than 5 minutes if desired.
There will be unlimited PIN attempts. However PIN attempts will be limited in the future.

After configuring my Treo 650 I can no longer sync my Exchange account. It reaches the server, but the server rejects the request because I don't believe it has any way of telling if my phone is PIN protected. Am I right or am I missing something?

I have scoured this board and the net for an answer. I spoken to my IT support team (we are large company with fragmented support across business units) and no one seems to be able to answer the question as to why I can't sync anymore. I have confirmed that both Windows mobile devices and iPhones with ActiveSync both work now, but my PalmOS with ActiveSync does not.

Does anyone have a suggestion or has anyone experienced this before?

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!