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    I am having a problem and hoped you all could help. The sound is cutting in and out for the other party when my wife is using the bluetooth on her Centro. We have tried two Moto H710's and a Moto H800 with the same result.

    As anyone else seen this issue? The sound is fine for her but those of us calling her are only hearing every other word.

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    Put the phone on the same side as the headset.

    Try a plantronics 510

    Use the headset in a quiet wind-free environment.

    Try rebooting phone by pulling battery.

    I had the same problem with Motorola headsets and the Centro. Centro has a sensitive bluetooth implementation and works best with headsets with strong signals like the Plantronics.
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    Ah, I was afraid it was a Moto problem. I am updating the firmware now, maybe that will help.

    If not I need to find a headset with a slider or some physical way to connect/disconnect besides holding the button for 5 seconds. That is really irritating. I like the flip out boom and slider of the Moto headsets.
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    I have the Plantronics 815 and it works very well for me. However, I have noticed if the phone is on my right pocket and it is in my left ear, it will sometimes drop out a bit.
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    Since the two motos weren't working correctly we tried a Samsung WEP200 that has worked fine on my 700p and my Blackberry 8330. We still had the same issue.

    It just skips in and out cutting out every third word or so much of the time. Positioning the phone differently didn't seem to help either. I don't know what the problem is.

    I guess my next step is to take it in to Sprint.

    I just wanted to make sure this was not typical of Motos and Centros.


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