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    I have just reinstalled Chattermail on my new GSM centro (Having moved from a Verizon Treo 650), and Chattermail is ion a loop of "Connecting ... login ..." with no sucess or error message. I turned on logging and it seesm my exchange server is returning an HTTP 302 "moved temporarily" response, and gives a new URL to connect to. When I try the new URL given from my PC it leads to a form wheer you can fill in your username and passowrd, so I'd expect CM to be able to login - but no luck, just an endless loop of trying.

    Any help or advice eagerly sought ...
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    More details would help. It was working on your 650 on say Tuesday and quit working the next day when you tried it on your Centro? You have EXSend and EXSync installed? Was the exchange server upgraded between the time Chatter was known to work and not work? Are you still able to access your exchange email via a web browser? Did the process of how you log into the exchange server via a web browser change? If I have "Use SSL" checked with my works exchange server Chatter won't connect. I haven't experienced this error, just throwing out suggestions.

    Maybe try pinging the exchange address from a command prompt, use the listed name returned that it will ping, or also try using the IP address instead of the common name in case you're having issues with DNS. Example of pinging


    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
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