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    Hi, everyone -
    I want to use my GSM Centro as an email client to my corporate email account, which is exchange based. So far, no problem.
    Howver, I'd like the ability to file email messages into folders. best would be filing them into the filing folders alraedy defined on the Exchange server, but in a pinch, I'd settle for filing them all to a temporary folder, and then re-file them from my PC.

    (Verasmail "file to" feature only seesm to file the messages into a folder ON THE CENTRO, I want the message actually moved on the server as well)

    Chattermail with the EX plugin used to do that, but the EX plugin seem to be gone now.

    CAn anyone recommend any email client that can do this?

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    This may not help much but the EX plugin is still out there. You just have to find someone to send it to you. Does your company support IMAP on the Exchange server? If so you can use Chattermail via IMAP.
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    I have managed to revive EX from my backups, but sadly
    CM with Ex on my GSM Centro is very unstable.

    Even when it does not crash, there is a new issue:
    When it tries to connect to the Exchange server, which is (as usual) a URL, of the form '' the server actually returns a "302 Moved Temporarily" HTTP result, and redirect CM to the new location.

    This seems to put CM into an endless loop of trying to connect/trying to login/connecting/trying to login etc. repeatedly.
    No error message, but nothing useful either.

    Trying to give CM the already-redirected URL (which works OK on my PC) also does not work, since it contains the string 'Exchange' in it, which CM removes, even tough it's in the middle of the URL. What remains causes CM to crash the Centro on next connection attempt ...

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    I use chatter on my cdma centro and do everything you described... no problem.
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    If you can connect to exchange using an IMAP conection you will have the functionality you want and much more. I highly recomend it.

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