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    I have a Centro that has had horrendous battery drain since upgrade to 1.07.
    Sprint standard answers are "3rd party apps" but I disagree, all programs with no changes ran fine before upgrade.

    I have read a little about Clean Start, so decided to download and try to reload apps 1 at a time to see what causes battery drain. Green LED light will stay on, screen will no darken, so battery is being chomped.

    Unfortunately there aren't a lot of directions, so my question is how best to use this program. I unchecked "always start panels and "always start Rom apps."

    I see that I don't have to load all ROM programs, but not sure what to pick.

    I have no automatic programs except 4Cast which updates every 4 hours and wondering about Google Maps keeping a light on for My Location. I love KeyShades, KeyHack and other useful programs but can't put up with charging my phone 2 or 3 times a day for normal use, not heavy.

    Any better or best ways to work with this to find problem
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    The safest way is to select all of the apps and then slowly uncheck apps that you don't think will cause a problem. Test for a day or so and then uncheck some more. When you run across something that isn't running correctly, put the check back in.
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    It's a lot quicker to not worry about apps you want at first. In CleanStart, select about 1/2 of the list and tap the Reset button in CleanStart's upper right corner. If LED is on, then cut the list in half again (noting where you left off. If LED is off, deselect all and select the bottom half. Repeat in halves for a quick resolution. Hopefully this makes sense to you nmoreman.
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    Another thing, poor reception is the chief battery killer with use of the speaker next.
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    Scott said select the apps I want to try. Cavingjan says pick all, so I'm confused.

    If I check, this is what loads when I reset, correct?

    I decided to reset with Phone, Takephone, network, KeyShades, and Keycaps on. Phone is doing fine.

    However, other apps are still functioning - PTunes, PDA functions, standard games, SkinUI, etc. If I didn't reload with Clean Start, by just checking the above, why are they running. I also used GoogleMaps My Location which I thought might be a problem (due to update).

    I haven't reloaded 4Cast, this is the last thing that connects and I thought might not disconnect.

    With Treo Battery (checked it too), current is between 100 and 170. It will bot to sleep, drop to almost zero and light goes off.

    Does this sound about right? Maybe I got it fixed by mistake.
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    I have been playing with Cleanstart to see if I could find the culpret. So far, the only time my battery drains is if I have Versamail set to "As Items Arrive". If I set it to check every 30 minutes, I can go two nearly three days without charging. If I have 'as items arrive' it may drain dead in 30 minutes to an hour or it may last all day. I have Power Hero set to reset after certain drain for 10 minutes. With 'as items arrive' set, I can count on about three to 4 resets a day. Again, if I simply change the setting to check mail every 30 minutes, I can go two may three days on a charge with no resets. I don't remember having this before the update.
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    My thought is to use a freeware app called TreoBattery (battery.prc). You can configure that app to illuminate the green LED on your Centro if there is another app active while the Centro is dormant. If it's lit, the Centro is in "REM Sleep," which means it isn't actually asleep (weird terminology, go figure). So as you check and uncheck apps, turn off the screen and see if the green LED goes off after 5 or so seconds. If it stays lit, something is giving your Centro a workout.

    Go to this forum thread and look for post #4 to download battery.prc

    Hope this helps! Best of luck!
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    Thank you, that is what I had been checking the amps, voltage, and everything on. Knew I had a problem, couldn't get the light off so knew there was a HUGE drain.
    Tried various apps thru CleanStart, knocking on wood, running at acceptable levels. Haved tried turning the REM sleep light on and off, seems to be running a little lower with it off.
    Read the threads you suggested. Seems like people throught this program was the drain. I do believe it shows there is a problem, not the drain, and then its figuring it out.
    Last weekend I was ready to go to Touch Diamond this week, love my Treo, but couldn't take these problems. If it had been out, I would've switched, But, after much work, seems okay, still don't trust 1.07 update, think it caused these issues, but used CleanStart and possibly loading one at a time rather than dropping everything on system just fixed it. Hopefully I don't come back this weekend crying.

    Thanks to all of you who made suggestions, that is why I like this forum, more knowledge on "how to" than you can ever get from techs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmoreman View Post
    ...But, after much work, seems okay, still don't trust 1.07 update, think it caused these issues, but used CleanStart and possibly loading one at a time rather than dropping everything on system just fixed it.
    It is unlikely the Sprint 1.07 update caused the battery drain problem.

    I had two Centros that were running on Sprint 1.05 since October 2007 with no battery problems. A few weeks ago, the LED light was always on. Nothing I did would turn it off, including soft, warm, and hard resets. I then tried the Sprint 1.07 update, and that didn't turn it off either. Within 2 days, the second Centro exhibited the same LED-on problem. Both were resolved with Sprint store replacements. Store technician suggested NOT to charge overnight, which is what my wife and I had been doing. I don't know if this is the root cause, but will follow the advice for now.

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