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    I am looking to buy software to allow me to print from my Visor Deluxe to an IR printer. what is the best piece of software out there in terms of functionality and price? thanks for your help.
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    Printboy Deluxe, by Bachmann software. it has full compatiblily with wordsmith, quicksheet, thinkdb (maybe hand db), and tons of other plugins. (mail, memo address etc..(

    It supports rich text- you see how I love this.

    I've only found one printer in my life which won't work with it (out of about 15 I've tested) my HP deskjet 820CSe pro ( a weird non standard peice of 5 year old junk IMHO)

    sorry guys, that sounded like a complete ad. it isn't. I think this is much nicer than palmprint! and it's been SO helpful for me this year!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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