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  • Covers the navigation buttons

    5 62.50%
  • Covers no buttons at all

    3 37.50%
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    I'm seeing two basic silicone skins out there - the ones that expose the keyboard but cover the navigation buttons in the middle, and the cases that don't cover any buttons at all.

    Which is best?
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    Sometimes I feel my fingers sliding off the nav buttons, the silicon cover would probably help with that.
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    I wouldn't suggest getting a silicone skin. I had one for my Treo 600 and couldn't stand it. It was the one that covers the nave and all that, but now on my Centro I got the Sedio rubberized hard case. I have never had a better case than's really slim and the rubberized finish really makes it easily to hold like a silicone skin.
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    My wife has one on her 650 and it's okay, a little "floopy" but does the job.

    I ordered one for my Centro, should get here in a few days.
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    the problem with the silicon case is that it doesn't cover the screen. no protection at all. i prefer the pouch case. very versatile :-)
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    I'm using it and it is wonderfrul. VERY thin and great basic protection.
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    I have the one that covers the buttons. It's great! I hate the flush buttons on the Centro (had a 755p before). The silicone over the buttons actually make them work much better, especially when not looking at the buttons.

    It also holds better in my holster. And, since my hard belt-case was designed for my 755p, the Centro fits in it with the silicone skin.
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    I am debating on this too. I think the one that does not cover, they just cut out the button parts.
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    I definitely vote for covering the buttons since it makes them easier to use. And, I wouldn't want to ever be without my silicone case. Its "grip" factor has saved my Centro from sliding off my desk more than once!

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