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    So although the start-up disk for my new Centro was supposed to allow me to retain all my old Palm (Treo 650) desktop info and copy it onto the new Centro desktop, it did not and wiped out all the data. Since I needed to start using my Centro right away, I decided to beam all of my contact info (a LOT!!!) from my Treo into my Centro, and then categorizing it properly (when beaming, you loose your individual sub-categories)... which took hours. When I decided to Hotsync to update the desktop, it went the other way and the desktop "updated" my phone with a blank desktop, completely wiping out all the info on the phone. So I spent another evening beaming and recategorizing all my info from the Treo again. Over the past several months, I have added more data to the phone, but have not touched the desktop.

    So now, I have a full Centro, with contacts, calendar, notes, etc., and a completely EMPTY desktop. And I am obviously afraid to Hotsync and loose everything again, because this time I have about 25% more data that is not stored anywhere else.

    So... Does anyone know how I can Hotsync from the Phone to the desktop?

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    Nevermind... I found it!

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