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    My 650 has worked fine for about a year, and then the memory got too full and I had to do a soft reset and move some files. Then I had problems with the sync'ing, and I decided to do a hard reset. I got my old settings back, and reinstalled DateBk6, KeySuite, and SnapperMail.

    Now, when I sync, it doesn't go past a certain point because it runs across a bad file that is a birthday file. "Error: 0x00001013 While converting the following record to Outlook format: Dad's birthday - 1939, 3/13/2005, 0:00am Error: 0x00001013 Exception thrown at line (2294) The recurrence pattern is not valid."

    The error code 0x00001013 means it is from Pocket Mirror. When I noticed the error, I deleted the calendar entry for the birthday in DateBk6, but the error message kept on coming. So I looked for any contact or calendar entry so that I could delete the birthday information. I've searched in the default Treo Calendar, DateBk6 (under archival and current databases), KeyDates, in the default Treo Contacts, and also in KeyContacts. I've also searched for "birthday" on the device. I've even gone as far as to delete ANY birthday on the entire device that I could find.

    Am I missing anything? I just need to find this one particular birthday file somewhere, and I have no idea where else to look!

    I've had this problem for days, and Chapura doesn't seem to know how to help.

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    Did you get this figured out? (Probably by now, huh?) I will post what I have found in case you haven't or in the hopes of helping someone else with the same problem. I have this error and what happens is somehow my birthdays all get changed from recurring every year to every 12 years. In your case, go back to your 3/13/05 entry (on 3/13/05 and NOT 3/13/06 or 3/13/07, etc.) and look at the recurrence. Even though it says "yearly", check on it and see if it got changed to every XX years rather than every 1 year. Sometimes I have to go through several syncs because several birthdays get corrupted in this same way. Or I just go through 2005 and look for all birthdays and check their recurrence pattern. Hope this helps someone.

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