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    I've been searching here and poking around the Treo (755p) to no avail. Does anyone know of a way to disable the bluetooth redial feature or route the bluetooth redial to some null number.

    Basically, I have a bluetooth headset for my motorcycle helmet that doesn't auto-connect when turned on, I either have to go onto the Treo and tell it to connect or hit the "Redial" button on the headset to initiate a connection and redial to the Treo. Problem with that is that is the Treo then redials the last number called and I can try to cancel it, but it may take a ring or two which is not very polite on my part.

    Any ideas on how to disable the redial or force the redial number on a PalmOS treo?

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    I am interested in this tool. My headset has been known to call people from my pockets.
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    haven't found anything so far. It doesn't seem like the PalmOS bluetooth functions for this are visible to external tools to interrupt this function. Still looking.

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