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    It won't hurt to ask, but just don't expect an answer any greater than the ATT "party line". Their sales force are rarely going to even know that such an update even exists. Then if they see if after looking it up, then they are going read you the two sentence description and say "yeah it's a good thing".

    I'm saying from hundreds and hundreds of hours of actual usage before and after the latest ATT update that the lag is going to commonly appear. Frustration is not strong enough to describe this. Especially after almost none existed before the update. AT&T employees are rarely if ever going to describe such negatives.

    Word to the wise. Do some research at TreoCentral / Treonauts etc and listen to real users.
    Well taken you know if SD storage can be expanded to 4gb without upgrade? That probably would be all I'd need anyway...if I can get at least 4gb of expansion storage for SD card, I'd get the "refurbished" version of the 680 from ATT. If not, I'll have to go with either Centro or refurbished 750.
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    I'll tell you next week. I just ordered a 16GB card.
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    I'll tell you next week. I just ordered a 16GB card.
    Cool, thank you...makes the 680 powerful if the 16GB card works.
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