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    My contract is up next summer... Will i have a flashy palm product to look forward to will i still be drooling over RIM and apple products???
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    According to Ed Colligan's publicly stated 'plans,' the new Palm OS will be released in the 'first half of 2009' with a new 'game-changing hardware.'

    Of course, if you're on Verizon, that may mean some time in 2010.

    Until then, you'll have to be satisfied with WinMob devices, or hang onto your Centro or 755p.

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    A lot of people are having enough problems with the existing ones, they should have a solid POS Treo before trying to keep to release new versions. For what I've seen on this list, the 650 was the last one fairly stable, with the 600 being the best (not counting screen issues).

    I am hopeful for the new POS though and hope my 755p holds 'till then.
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    Considering Palm can't even get it together on known OS's like WM, I have very little hope for the future. I can't believe how many new problems the 800w introduced...
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    I can't imaging its possible to update POS to be stable while maintaining backwards compatibility and upgrading it to a true multitasking O/S. I think (and hope) Garnet is done.
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    There might be another holdover device like the Centro between now and then, but can't see any future updates to it's horribly outdated OS. The future is Nova. When that future is, nobody knows, but the target date set by Palm is the first half of '09. I wouldn't hold your breath on that time frame though.
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    Dec 09 - Eary 2010 sounds more like it.
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    I'd be surprised. By the time next summer roles around it'll be hard to justify getting another Palm OS phone. The iphone should hit full stride. I'd hope there would be enough apps out for it to do almost everything the Palm OS apps do and then some. The RIM playing field probably won't change much. The other big factor is release of android. I wouldn't hold my breath for the new Palm Nova OS. By the time it comes out the market may have changed too much for it to be successful.
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    I really hope they come out with a new POS device as a replcement for the 755. I love POS and HATE wm...I will NOT buy a device that uses if they dont have another POS device when my755 dies...well, guess PALM will loose me as a customer...and Ive been a faithful Treo user since the 600 and have had every Treo Palm offered... 600, 650, 700p, 755p...not the ind of customer that comes along that often and hard to replace...
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    The diamond, touch pro and bb bold will set the bar pretty high this year alone, let alone next year with WM7/zune phones...

    Palm is really going to have to step up a ridiculous amount.

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