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    I plan to get a 3G Centro on Sprint now that my AT&T contract is ending. I also need to get two flip phones for family members at the same time. Does anybody have experience for/against particular models? For example, my wife has a Motorola flip, so perhaps her existing charger would work with the Razr, but I have heard bad things about that phone.

    Also, any advice regarding voice plans for 3 people or data plan for Centro?
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    I've been impressed with the Sanyo Katana models as far as signal strength and call quality. Definitely better than the V3 Razrs and more functional than the basic Samsung flips. The basic Katana LX is $30 and the Eclipse (more music oriented) is $99.

    Right now I have a shared plan for 5 of our phones with 3000 minutes that includes data and all types of texting. For three phones it's $180 (two phones for $160 + $20 for each additional). Not sure if you need all those minutes so 1500 minutes would be $130 + $20 for the 3rd phone. Those are peak minutes too so you get all the night and weekend minutes included. I haven't checked the new SERO plans, but I know they're not the same/ bargain the old ones were, but are still not that bad.

    Two Katana LX's and a Centro are $160 after rebates though you might be able to talk them into lower if you go in person and ask them to make it worthwhile to switch from ATT.
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    My family uses the 550 shared minutes plan from Sprint. There are 2 Centro smartphones and 2 Katana II phones. All are great quality phones. We have the data plan for the Centros at $15/phone. The Centro with the 1.07 firmware update and the data plan is just awesome. We love them. The data plans can be added and removed at anytime without extending the contract. The Katana II phones are being used by my parents (in their 70s). The phones are lightweight with the flip design, and my folks like them a lot.

    UPDATE: Forgot to say that we spend about $125/mo.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have two Centros and two LG Muziq's. 2100 minutes, 2 data plans and unlimited texting with insurance and taxes on all for about $210 total lets everyone do whatever they want.
    Kids love the Muziq, really quite a nice phone, changed to these from Katana with even less, meaning no troubles. Good solid phone.
    Don't know if you need this amount of minutes, but a great deal for us, especially with the 7 pm start for free minutes.
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    I have used the Katana I and II and they both are great phones. Sanyo has a new flip also that works really well (forgot the model #).
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    here is another vote for the katana. pretty good phone, no issues to report here. we have 4 lines, 2 centro, a katana and a rumor. 2000 minutes 3 data plans and a bunch of texting total with taxes of about $155. we also have a target employee dscount which helps a lot.

    when signing up, try to bargain with them. sometimes you can get a better deal if you have the right customer service agent. for the record, i got all 4 of our phones for free when we re-signed our contract.
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    Personally I would stick with all EVDO (3G/Power Vision) phones. You will have less problems with your plans and upgrading/replacing phones will be easier since more and more phones are "Power Vision" phones so if your plans are already Power Vision, you will have access to all the new Power Vision phones without needing to change plans. If you are paying full price for all your plan features then it really doesn't matter, upgrading or switching data plans won't result in new pricing, but many of us get grandfathered into very good plans and are annoyed when the reps tell us we will lose our great data plan if we upgrade from Vision to Power Vision.

    From a technology standpoint, all the phones work fine on Sprint, but they have chosen to create a billing distinction which makes Vision phone plans incompatible with Power Vision phones and Power Vision phone plans incompatible with Vision phones.

    The Katana DLX and Katana Eclipse are both Power Vision phones. The other Katanas are not. Centro is a Power Vision phone. The DLX is one of the better clamshells on Sprint. The only thing I didn't like was the camera was kind of blurry. Other than that, solid phone. The DLX has a QVGA 320x240 screen while the Eclipse has a 176x220 screen. Eclipse just came out so there aren't as many reports on how well the phone works.
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    OK, thanks for all the input--hope to get my Centro this week!
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