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    Can the 700p read cards that are attached to a USB card reader?

    Is it possible to use an external card reader to transfer data to an SD card inserted into the Treo? In other words, can the 700p read cards in a USB card reader? i.e.-

    CompactFlash card in card reader ---> USB ---> USB sync cable ---> Treo ---> SD card in Treo

    The reason I am asking is that I have a big trek coming up and wanted to be able to back my camera's CompactFlash card up to something else so I would have a copy of the photos in case the camera was lost or stolen.

    I know there are battery-powered hard drives for just this purpose, but I am trying to mi nimize the amount and weight of the extra junk I take along.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Just to clarify what I am trying to do here:

    I am trying to get the Treo to access what in effect would an external drive via the USB cable.

    As an example, a PC sees a USB card reader as a drive (i.e.- Windoze XP sees any sort of storage attached to it as a drive).

    What I am talking about here is the same thing but instead of a PC seeing the card reader as a drive, I want the Treo to see a card reader connected to the USB cable as a drive.

    Then I would transfer the files from the catrd reader to the SD card in the Treo's SD slot.

    Is this possible? Has anyone tried it? I was hoping for someone's experience before I invest in a card reader...

    Thanks in advance!
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    Won't work. USB needs drivers that are PC dependent. The functionality you are talking about is one usb device to another without a pc in between. It is a standard that is still in development, called USB On-The-Go.

    Neither the 700P nor any card reader that I know of has the driver functionality built into it.

    Niece idea though, just a little ahead of the standard that yet has to be adopted by the industry.
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    that is a nice idea. I wish it would work.
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    It looks like this device would enable this sort of transfer:

    I am considering a portable hard drive with built-in card reader to back up photos from the camera. That sort of device would have the above bridge built-into it. The drawback there is that I have heard you are not supposed to operate things with hard drives in them above 10,000 feet, and my trip will START at that almost altitude. So I may consider the bridge...

    Another option:

    I haven't used these personally, but it seems like they will work conceptually.
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    That is one of the brands that manufactures a USB bridge that enables storage-to-storage transfers without a PC involved. This would seem to support the Treo as being one of the devices, and something like a thumb drive as the other one.
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    Great, I appreciate the explanation, and am glad I wasn't posting no-nos :-)

    Thanks for the help.
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    I sent a few questions to Delkin on their bridge, and if they answer as I would expect (i.e.- it will work with the Treo and thumb drives and card readers, I will be buying one and posting the results here.

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