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    I was wondering if anyone had ever used their 700p purely as an MP3 player and if so what kind of battery life they got out of it?

    I am going on a trek in Nepal this fall for a few weeks and do not want to buy a stand-alone MP3 player since my life is on the Treo and I would probably need to take it along anyway just for the info I have in it. I use it as an MP3 player every day and see no need to buy a separate MP3 player.

    So my thought is to buy one (or maybe even 2) of the Seidio 2600mAH batteries, turn off the phone radio, turn off Bluetooth, turn down the screen brightness, and only use the MP3 player.

    The standalone MP3 players I have been considering have about 25 - 40 hours of playback time for audio.

    Any thoughts? Anyone done an experiment where they only used it as an MP3 player and noted the battery time? I use mine too often as a phone to be able to try this...

    Thanks in advance!
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    no idea if it would come close to 25-40 hours ... maybe maybe with 2 of the batteries

    i have the seidio 2400 extended battery and with a stereo bluetooth headset i listen to my music for at least 3 hours through ptunes usually about 2 days a week ( on the same battery life ) and get some phone time in too - not necessarily continuous music though, as someone at work is usually interrupting me lol - -

    i would bet with a headset and everything else turned off you could get a good few hours though

    if i remember later i will try it - i just pulled my phone off the charger and have only made a couple calls - when i know for sure it wont be interrupted i will try later and let it run

    whatever i get, it should be longer with the bigger battery
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    Thanks for the quick response.

    In an average day I am usually on the phone for 1 - 2 hours, have tunes playing through the speaker for a couple of hours, and and maybe anohter hour or so on the headphones. The battery is getting low at that point, but it easily makes it through a full day. That is with Bluetooth off and brightness set to high.

    Your comment ave me an idea - I might try turning the phone and BT off and letting it run over night through the head phones to get a data point, i.e.- if it lasts 8 - 10 hours, and how much if any battery is left.
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    OK, I conducted an experiemtn overnight.

    The 700p played for about 9.5 hours before it said it was stopping playback due to low battery.

    Here is some info on the parameters:

    - Pocket Tunes 4.0.7 Basic

    - Shuffle on (other MP3 player reviews say that this does draw more power)

    - Repeat on

    - EQ on but set to "No EQ"

    - Volume set to 82%

    - MP3s were a mix of 128, 192, and 320 kbps (I have read the higher bit rates make the battery drain faster)

    - Stock Treo headphones (other brands may draw more power)

    - Headphones plugged in and playing (i.e.- it had to provide juice to drive the headphones; I didn't just set it to play with the speaker turned off)

    - Battery was freshly charged at the start of the test on an iGo EverywherePower 7500. The test did not include any standby time where the Treo was doing nothing - the time was for it purely playing MP3s from the moment I unplugged it from the charger until it stopped.

    - One alarm/notification went off two times

    - I turned the screen on a few times to see how much battery was left (I would likely turn it on a bit more often in real life if I heard a song I couldn't remember the artist or to skip a song)

    - Battery is the stock Treo one. It is about 3 years old or more. In fact, it is so old that I can't remember if this is actually the battery from my old 650 - I seem to remember that the battery died almost immediately after I got the 700p and I swapped it for the old 650 battery. I may have took the extra/old one along on business trips and forgot which on it was that died. In any event, the battery used for the test was O-L-D.

    So to sum up I would call it about 9 hours (rounding down to make it more like real life and account for the fact that I would likely play it for a couple of hours a day so there would also be several days of stand-by time that would contribute to some extent to battery drain). The fact that the battery is so old probably makes the test pretty useless in terms of life I might see with a new battery, especially if I get the Seidio 2600 mAH.

    But it is at least good enough to make me think this will work as an MP3 solution for my trip (especially since I will probably take this along anyway for the info I have stored in it).

    The Seidio claims up to 40% more life than the stock battery, so that would be about 12.6 hours for it, although I would be tempted to guesstimate the old battery I used would really make this something more like 15+ hours.

    I will probably invest in a couple of the 2600 mAH batteries and/or consider a battery/power pack such as the APC UPB10:
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    I use my Treo to play music via Ptunes deluxe a lot and do the nightly charge. I just went 1.5 days without charging, using the phone during the day, playing music for 2.5 hours on a flight, a little data mode to check the net, and still had 43% last night. I carry a spare regular battery that I have swapped out I think once in the last year.
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    Good to know. I just saw that used 700Ps are only getting $100 or so on eBay. At that rate, I might just keep mine and let the kids use it to play games, videos and songs (no cell service).

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