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    I've been using the Voyager 520 with my 755p for about two months. Sometimes when I place a call, the Voyager does not engage, yet the timer on the phone says a call is going through. I'll put the phone to my other ear and there is no ring tone, so I hang up.

    Next, I'll place the call again and the Voyager takes 3-4 seconds to engage, often after the person I've called has said, "Hello?".

    I also have a Katana and have never experienced these issues with it. The Voyager has functioned properly with every call.

    Any ideas why the issues with the 755p?
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    I appreciate all 145 users that have read my post above. Since no one seems to know what the issue is, I have come to the conclusion that the 755p is just buggy when it comes to headsets. Buyer beware!

    BTW--don't ever plug a hard-wire headset into the 755p. It causes major permanent problems as the folks at Palm have acknowledged. Sprint sent me a new phone over the issue.

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