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    Hi, I've had this problem for a while: When I try to do a normal hotsync to the Palm desktop, it never completes (I have let it run for hours). It stays forever in the syncing of the calendar and/or contacts. If I change the hotsync custom setting to do nothing for both the calendar and contacts, then the hotsync completed normally in a reasonable time. I have tried deleting the files on the PC and it still does not work. So the problem is with the databases on the Treo 650. I don't want to wipe those databases because I have continued to use the Treo. BackupbuddyVFS is successfully backing up those databases to my SD card. Is there any known fixes for problems like this? It is probably a database corruption problem. For example, is there some software that can take the BackpbuddyVFS files off of an SD card and convert the calendar and contacts to ASCII files and then back to binary files to fix whatever corruption in the files is hanging up the hotsync software? Any other ideas? HELP! Thanks....
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    Most likely your calendar/contacts databases are corrupted or having too many deleted entries.

    Go get *dbscan* to clean them up & try again.

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