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    I saw over on PDABuzz that Palm has released a fix for a USB Hotsync bug. Specifically, the fix handles:
    ...a problem where HotSync Manager 4.0 for Windows may timeout during a HotSync operation over USB when a conduit takes a lengthy period of time to respond (often when synchronizing with a conduit that accesses a database over the web). This problem only occurs with HotSync Manager 4.0 for Windows and does not affect those synchronizing with a Mac.
    That sounds as if it could be the problems folks had with AvantGo synching with Desktop 4.01.

    However, I can't test it -- I use a serial connection with Desktop 4.0 (and have never had a problem). I leave it to the bold among you to give it a shot.
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    Originally posted by bookrats
    ... I leave it to the bold among you to give it a shot.
    mrknowitall took several trips to the plate and is batting 1.000 with this solution. Prism, USB, AvGo 4 and Hotsync Mgr 4.01. Previously when searching for updated web pages the sync would be interrupted and it would crash on the last page to be found. Now it does not crash, but takes a while before it starts to save updated web pages. It seems to do the trick while before it was intermittent and failing more often than not. I'm sure the others have just been too excited to post their success.

    Two 's up on this fix. Palm Desktop 4.01 isn't too different than 4.0, so there's really no big deal in doing this if you have a Handspring version of the Hotsync Mgr installed.

    To it's credit; Hotsync Mgr 4.0* is marginally faster than the current Handspring hotsync mgr, and has backupbuddy warming the bench. Handspring's Palm Desktop is right around the corner though.
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    MARGINALLY FASTER??!?! for me, (USB) it's like comparing a turtle to a ferrari. I'm AMAZED how fast my hotsyncs are - it's scary! I LOVE IT!

    Avantgo is doing some messed up server errors about 125 pages into ownlaoding..
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Huh? What?

    I said margarinely faster.
    As smooth as butter.

    Yeah. That's it.
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    MrKnowItAll! You are the man in the lab! Thank you!
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    I've now got a VPL with Avantgo4 running Palm Desktop 4.01 and hotsync manager 4.1.
    First, sync your handheld.
    Download Palm Desktop 4.01 and the m50x(hotsync 4.1) fix from palm website. Install Palm Desktop. RESET YOUR COMPUTER. Do the same for the update.
    When I did this, the program defaulted back to Serial, just right click the hotsync icon in the tray and get a tick beside 'direct USB'.
    Wonder how long it takes before handspring makes this 'official', there can't be too much work in it for them now?
    Alan Millar

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